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Charles Daniel Juchau and Susanna Deighton (Parents of Susannah Juchau)

Charles Daniel Juchau, son of Lewis Charles Juchau and Martha Dugdale, was born May 29, 1822 in Finsbury, Middlesex, England.  He was christened September 28, 1823 at St. Luke, Finsbury, Middlesex, England.    Charles Juchau married Susannah Deighton on January 26, 1845 in Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England.  Susannah Deighton, daughter of George Deighton and Susannah Hunt, was born May 21, 1824 in St. Noets, Eatonsford, Huntingdonshire, England. 
Marriage Certificate of Charles Daniel Juchau and Susannah Deighton

Charles Daniel Juchau and Susannah Deighton were married by banns in the District Parish Church for the Parish of St. John the Baptist Hoxton in Middlesex, England on January 26, 1845 as witnessed by Phillip Juchau (brother) and Martha Juchau (mother). Charles was a bachelor of full age or over 21.  He lived on East Road and was an ivory worker. Susannah was a spinster minor or under 21 and also lived on East Road. 

Together, Charles Daniel and Susannah had three children named Susannah, Charlotte and Mary Ann.

In 1850, Charles Daniel and Susannah (Deighton) Juchau joined the Mormon Church in England.  Charles Daniel became a Branch President in England. 

Susannah (Deighton) Juchau died June 21, 1854 in Marketplace, Isle of Thanet, Kent, England.

Charles Daniel married Ann Wagstaff June 21, 1855 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England. 

Passenger List of Ship Caravan
A few short months later, Charles and Ann (Wagstaff) Juchau along with Susannah, Charlotte and Mary Ann boarded the ship Caravan and sailed to America.  They arrived in New York on March 27, 1856 with the intention of crossing the plains to Utah.  However, Charles Daniel and Ann settled first in New York City and then moved to Deep River, Middlesex, Connecticut.

On September 21, 1857, Ann (Wagstaff) Juchau gave birth to twins, Charles Lewis and Annie Maria, in Deep River, Middlesex, Connecticut. Annie was stillborn and was buried the same day in Fountain Hill Cemetery. Charles Lewis died two years later on September 20, 1859 and was also buried in Fountain Hill Cemetery.

Charles Daniel Juchau
By 1860, the family had returned to New York City living in Brooklyn, Kings.  Charles Juchau was an ivory turner and made umbrellas, fans, and other things; he had his shop in New York.  Susannah Juchau lived with her family for seven years until she came to Utah in 1861 at the age of 15 with Brother Lashbrook Laker and his wife with the Milo Andrus Company.  Her family remained in New York.  Susannah was expecting them to come the following year but trouble arose and Charles Daniel Juchau was excommunicated from the Church. 

On August 23, 1862, Ann (Wagstaff) Juchau gave birth to Annie Loiuse in Brooklyn, Kings, NewYork. 

July 4, 1886 – Dear Sister, I am a ventilator that is making ladies wigs and front pieces.  May (Mary) was a hairdresser and taught me to do it so that I could work at home, then I have quite a connection among Father’s (Charles Daniel Juchau’s) customers for whom I do pearl stringing; there was not enough to keep me busy or I should not have taken up hair work.  Sometimes it keeps me busy to keep them both going for I do repairing in pearl stringing between times; the hair work I have from a store.  I have a very pleasant room, my window full of flowers and two canary birds and am quite happy so long as I have work enough to keep me from thinking.

Annie has taken up writing and music.  She teaches writing in private schools and she has four music pupils so she is busy too.  When we have a few hours to spare we go for a long ride into the country if we can or to the seaside.  It does us both good.  Give our kind love to Mrs. Laker and family.
- Charlotte Juchau       

October 29, 1886 – Dear Sister, Yesterday was quite a holiday here.  The French people have made the US a present of a statue called Liberty, for a lighthouse, it is placed on an island in the bay where all the vessels pass.  And yesterday it was unveiled, a large procession in the morning and there would have been fireworks on the island but it rained and spoiled it all. 

Remember us kindly to Robert.  We hear he is building a nice new house.  Are you going to live in it?
- Charlotte Juchau

In 1897, Susannah (Juchau) Price went back to New York to visit her family and spent three months with them.   Charles Juchau had again joined the Church and was very happy in the Gospel; he remained faithful in the Church until his death. 

Charlotte Juchau died in 1899 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.

Ann (Wagstaff) Juchau died September 17, 1904 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.

Charles Juchau died one day later on September 18, 1904 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.

Tombstone of Charles Daniel Juchau,
Ann (Wagstaff) and Charlotte Juchau

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