Sunday, October 9, 2011

Peder Abrahamsen and Else Christensen (Parents of Karen Marie Pedersen)

Peder Abrahamsen, son of Abraham Jensen and Gjertrude Jensen, was born August 16, 1789 in Lendenbro, Hjorring, Denmark.  Peder Abrahamsen married Else Christensen November 2, 1815 in Lendum, Hjorring, Denmark.  Else Christensen, daughter of Christen Jensen and Maren Jensen, was born August 28, 1791 in Aasted, Hjorring, Denmark.

Together, they had 2 children named Karen Marie and Abraham Peder.  When Karen Marie and Abraham Peder came to America, they discontinued the Danish patronymic naming convention which would have resulted in their having the last name of Pedersen and retained the last name of Abrahamsen for all future generations.
Else (Christensen) Abrahamsen died October 14, 1859 in Lendum, Hjorring, Denmark. 
Peder Abrahamsen died April 8, 1880 in Lendum, Hjorring, Denmark. 

Lendum, Hjorring, Denmark Church

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