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Llewelyn Griffith Jones and Mary Jannet John (Parents of Elizabeth Jones)

Llewelyn Griffith Jones, son of Griffith (Griffin) Jones and Elizabeth Davis, was born July 18, 1819 in Neath, Glamorganshire, South Wales.  Llewellyn Griffith Jones married Mary Jannet John July 11, 1840 in Llantrisant Parish, Glamorganshire, South Wales.  Mary Jannet John, daughter of Lazarus John and Jannet Lewis, was born August 3, 1821 in Dinas, Storehouse, Glamorganshire, South Wales. 

Together, Llewelyn and Mary had eight children named Janette, Elizabeth, David, Susanna, Mary, Tabitha, Ephraim, and Lydia Mary. 

Llewelyn Griffith Jones
Mary Jannet (John) Jones
Llewelyn worked hard to support his large family, and Mary managed well with what he was able to bring into the home.  The children also worked and helped what they could. In 1848, seeking out the honest-in-heart in the Glamorganshire area, the traveling Elders found Llewelyn and Mary Jones of Pentre, eager for the truth.  The missionaries taught the Jones family the gospel and baptized them some time during the year of 1848.

Llewelyn was a faithful Latter-Day Saint and the first thing he would do when he got his pay check was to pay his tithing, and the family lived on the rest.  All of his children were baptized by Llewelyn when they turned eight respectively.  For the 20 years that they remained in Wales, Llewelyn was a great strength to the little branch there.   He saw many of the faithful leave their native home land and make the long trip to Zion including their oldest daughter and son, Janette and David.

Boarding the SS Minnesota @1870

Passenger List SS Minnesota Oct 1872

In 1872, Llewelyn, Mary, Tabitha, Ephraim and Lydia boarded the SS Minnesota in Liverpool, England and arrived in New York on October 28, 1872.  From New York, the family came by train to Wyoming (the end of the railroad) and then by wagon to Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho where David their oldest son had settled. 

They lived about a mile southwest of Bloomington, on a parcel of land known as “Five Acres”.  Their house of logs consisted of two rooms and a lean-to on the back.  It was about a mile and three quarters from town, a mile from the bottom of the hill, and the rest of the way, following the road, was a natural incline to the house.  It afforded a beautiful view of the town below and the surrounding country for miles around.

Llewelyn had a beautiful and productive vegetable garden as well as flowers.  He raised berries that could withstand the cold winters.  His five acre plot of ground was planted mostly to wheat.  When the wheat was harvested, in the fall, a portion of it was taken to the grist mill in Paris, where it was ground for their year supply of flour.  The rest of the wheat was sold to market.

Mary Jannet (John) Jones died in April 11, 1880 in Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho.

Llewelyn Jones wrote to his daughter, Elizabeth (Jones) Johns in Wales and asked her to come to Idaho to care of him.  Elizabeth came to America, bringing her three remaining children Mary Jane, Thomas and William with her. 

Llewelyn Jones died in August 11, 1881 in Bloomington, Bear Lake, Idaho a short time after Elizabeth’s arrival.

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