Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Robert Roberts and Jane Jones (Parents of Hugh Roberts)

Robert Roberts, son of Owen Roberts and Catherine Thomas, was born October 5, 1771 in Eglwysbach, Denbighshire, Wales.  Robert Roberts married Jane Jones April 22, 1848 in Eglwysbach, Denbighshire, Wales.  Jane Jones, daughter of Richard Jones and Jane Richard, was born January 10, 1776 in Llanwrst, Denbighshire, Wales. 

Together, Robert and Jane had six children named Elizabeth, Owen, Hugh, Jane, Mary and John, all of whom were born and reared at 'Bryn Ucha' Farm.
Robert Roberts owned the 'Bryn Ucha' Farm and was considered a prosperous farmer. 'Bryn Ucha' means highest hill or hilltop. The products of this farm, was of most farms in that vicinity, were mixed, including wheat, oats, barley and flax. The latter was raised to make linen. They also raised cattle, sheep, hogs and fowl of all kinds. The Roberts' were related to most of the farmers in that neighborhood. The farm home at 'Bryn Ucha' was built on the hillside by a beautiful spring of water.  It is presumed that 'Bryn Ucha’ Farm had belonged to them and their ancestors for generations, and had descended to Robert by natural succession of ownership, from father to son as was the custom there.

Robert was a very tender and kind hearted man.

Jane was a rather proud and aristocratic woman.

Jane (Jones) Roberts died November 11, 1848 in Llanwrst, Denbighshire, Wales. 

Robert Roberts died April 25, 1849 in Llanwrst, Denbighshire, Wales. 

Eglwysbach, Denbighshire, Wales "Little Church"

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